Theology on Tap

Theology-on-Tap-logo-300x118Theology on Tap meets at Montego Bay Seafood House, 1707 North Expressway in Griffin. This is an opportunity for people to gather for informal discussions concerning matters of faith and life.

Relaxed and casual, this gathering is designed for a variety of people: churched, un-churched, de-churched, seekers, those who want a deeper understanding of what they already believe, and those who are not sure exactly what they believe but enjoy hearing different points of view. Common topics include the Bible, Christianity, church history, other world religions, science and religion. Sometimes the discussion turns to movies, television, music or current events. Everyone has an option to share or simply to listen while noshing on something good.
The host is Andrew Harnack, a seminary graduate, retired parish pastor and retired English professor. Andy leads these discussions in the tradition of Martin Luther who met with his students around tables in his house to discuss theology informally. Luther’s wife, Katie, often brewed the beer and Luther led the “table talks.” Andy hopes that the meetings will be in the spirit of one of Luther’s famous quotes: “I’d rather my people were in the alehouse thinking of church than in church thinking of the alehouse.”
Everyone is invited, enjoy a favorite beverage, share some food, and converse on topics of mutual interest. For more information, contact the church office.